Today I've launched my newly revamped website. This redesigned site offers quick and easy access to essential information and projects. The website also offers updated information on my news page.


This is my 2017 Branding which is part of a personal project to better myself. It contains the progression of my logo designs since 2007, the thought process behind each design, the colours and fonts, and shows how I have used them on different media.


It was my nans 90th birthday this year, so my parents decided to hold a celebratory tea for friends and family. I was asked to purchase some 90th birthday invitations by my mum, however I was unable to find any fitting for such an occasion.


This is the De Stijl Chair inspired by the Dutch art movement of the same name. The movement was made known to me when I first bought a White Stripes album - also called De Stijl. The movement used very strong, bold lines and combined white, black, red yellow and blue. 


Research shows that cooker fires have been a major problem at every age and ability. The fact that there is a problem with no solution drove me to design the Cooker-Sense concept. Cooker-Sense is a cooking aid, designed for an inclusive world project.


The Turbine Fan is an level 2 industrial style desktop fan I designed a few years ago. The multi-layer blade takes inspiration from alloy wheels and the way they look when a car/bike is in motion. The frame and blade are made from Aluminum and it is powered by an electric motor - unlike the electromagnetically powered Orbital Fan designed in Level 3. The design is modern, sleek and powerful.


The Orbital Fan is a level 3 redesign of a level 2 project. The latest version takes inspiration from the iMac with its ultra thin and sleek styling. The blades are powered by a set of electromagnets inside the frame. Due to the simplistic style of the fan a touch sensitive panel is located on the base to cut power to the electromagnets. This switches the fan off.