I'm a multi-discipline designer who has dedicated my career to Computer-Aided Design, Graphic design, photo manipulation and photography.

I LOVE designing, it's something which wasn't planned. It actually started when I joined Stourbridge College and met a man called Steve Jackson. Steve inspired me during the early weeks of the course by suggesting 3D Design combined Graphics, IT and Photography all in one course. It was a great couple of years for me, allowing me to express myself, meeting great friends and learning a lot about myself.

After a gaining a HND in 3D Design I joined the University of Wolverhampton studying Product Design. The facilities are some of the best around, software was ideal for my designs and our tutors used their wealth of knowledge, critique and valuable skills to aid students. The projects were diverse, highly competitive and I enjoyed every minute of it. I owe a huge amount of credit to Dave Henley, Robert Cooksey, Ben Salter, Claire Jolin, Ed Bird and the technical workshop staff.

I'm now work as a Design Engineer for Babcock Vehicle Engineering who specialize in vehicle conversions. They are a global company who have helped me to expand my CAD skills, increased my understanding of manufacturing and engineering processes, and have refined my ideas for commercial graphics, marketing ideas and photography.